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Do I really need an online portfolio?

If you've asked yourself this question:

'Why would I need a web portfolio'? The answer is simple: because you want to get potential clients in your industry to notice you, your work and anything you've accomplished in your career.

Showcasing your work by creating an online portfolio is an easy way to get noticed.

The logic is that you have to showcase your best work because if you don’t, there is a big chance it (and you) will go unnoticed.

Also remember to promote yourself not just your work. Include a brief bio to let potential clients get to know you as well as your work.

Have a vision and make sure people can find you.

Know what the message you want to send to send to clients and ask yourself why have you decided to create a portfolio in the first place. Just building a web portfolio is not enough. You need to be sure that people can find your portfolio. Remember search engine optimization

is important because if your website is hard to find on Google then you are wasting time and resources.

Final thoughts

Creating a web portfolio is a great way for any potential clients only find you but choose you above other professional in your field, as well as towards promoting your work and displaying your success and abilities.

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